My Name is Salvatore Coco. I’m the Founder of Coco Digital Arts. The first experience with 3D I had in 1998 with Bryce 2. At this time I created 3D models with more than 7000 individual objects. There was no polygon modeling available. Since 2008 I started to work with Maxon Cinema 4D. Since July 2013 I have the honor to be part of MAXON’s betatester team. In 2014 I bought LightWave 3D and started to open up a new LightWave 3D Homepage named LightWave 3DAvenue.

So why LightWave 3D? Well, I followed LightWave 3D for the last years and I think that the development of LightWave 3D will go on in the next years, so I decided to buy LightWave 3D and add it to my workflow.




About Coco Digital Arts.

I’m a 3D Artist located in Zurich Switzerland. Since 2001 I create 3D Art, VFX and Animations. Since 2017 I specialized on the Workflow Cinema 4D to Unreal Engine for architectural visualizations.

I made the 3D Digital Effects and Animations for “The Halloween Pranksta” (2014), directed by Carl Paolino and co-produced by Mark Hamill.  LightWave3D Avenue are part of Coco Digital Arts.