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The LightWave Blog is now Live!

Do you like to know what’s new and will come in the future of LightWave? Check out the new LightWave…

Mention of a LightWave Artist

Great Work from Kemal G├╝nel I created this scene for LightWave 3D “Spring Contest”. I was really fun! Modeled, textured…

Mention of a LightWave Artist

I like to mention a LightWave Artist named David Martin for this awesome character work. The textures, materials and the…

LightWave T-Shirt

Just me and LightWave2015 with T-Shirt

Ready for the Beach?

Here is a new render done with LightWave 2015. The Beach

Materialtest in LightWave 2015 “Light and Shadow”

This Scene is 100% LightWave 2015. With the proper light setup and knowledge you can create┬árealistic light scenes with the…

LightWave 2015 Product Update

LightWave 2015 Product Update The new Update come with a lot of Fixes. Check out the list of the major…

Cel Shading: Intersection Edges in LightWave 2015

Cel Shading: Intersection Edges in LightWave 2015 here with the “Blue” Scene.

Gangoul & Tricksy

Gangoul and Tricksy is a Spooky animated Independent Film currently in development. The Film will be made with LightWave 3D…

Making of “blue” Tutorial

In this Tutorial I show you how you can use the Instancer in Lightwave 3D. Go to the Tutorial

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